Emoji Movie Game


Here’s how this works. I’m going to start by using emojis, and the person below me has to guess the movie I’m talking about. Then, they have to use emojis to represent another movie, and the person below them has to guess and so on.

Here is mine: :princess: :green_apple: :sleeping: :kiss: :heart: :man_in_tuxedo: :bride_with_veil:


Snow white :see_no_evil:
Mine: :two_women_holding_hands::princess::snowflake::crown:


nAiLEd It :joy:


Hahahaha I forgot first to made my own haha :joy:


Frozen? :snowflake:



Yep! :snowflake::see_no_evil:


Sleeping beauty? :thinking:


Correct!! :tada:


Moved to Forum Games! Carry on :v:t2:






erm I guess I Should?..



Mars Attacks? Ready Player One? Independence Day? Toy Story? Alien? Aliens? Pixels? Honestly that could be anything.



IKR but u guessed it!! I tried to make it hard… it was Pixels i thought if the emoji movies but :confused:


Umm baby Jesus was born and h loved baseball and he ate corn?


It’s Angels in the Outfield, dearest



Ice Angel, Go Figure , Ice Princess


:corn: :running_man: :sunny: :brain:


It was I, Tonya, but those were good guesses

Maze Runner?



yes you got it ! scorch trials to be more precise but none the less congrats