Emoji Movie Game


Some alien movie?


Men in Black, but I guess technically you’re right.

Murder on the Orient Express?



Smart and that was one of my ideas but I haven’t actually seen Men In Black

Lion King






Spider Man


If the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy had babies would they take your teeth and leave chocolate for you?

Rosemary’s Baby?

:gun: :eye: :boy:


No Idea



The Last Unicorn? Voyage of the Unicorn? Legend? Stardust? I don’t think you’ve used enough emojis, dearest.



It was My little Pony XD the dragon is spike XD


:shushing_face: :face_with_head_bandage: :smiling_imp:


Pretty little liars? I have no idea, I pretty much live under a rock.









Is that that one comedy movie about the girl who stole the guys credit card or something and then they took a road trip??? I can’t remember what it was called, I just saw the trailer.



High School Musical?