Emotianal Music on Writing Portal


Hey guys!
So I’m writing a story with sad ending and I want to add sad music to make even more sad. Do you know any? I’ve searched in the library but I can’t find it (and the system sucks). I hope this is okay to ask.


music sad_goodbye
Sometimes, juvienorthphilly
music sad_guitar

And a few more…




Just have a look at the sounds list and anything with like “sad” at the start of it with music should be good.


It doesn’t show me sad_goodbye and sad_guitar…


I’ll have a look at some for you and I’ll let you know in about 5 mins. Limelight or ink?


Limelight, but you really don’t have to :upside_down_face:


Okay I found the sad_goodbye and sad_guitar as mus_sadgoodbye and mus_sadguitar :+1:


I was about to tell you to input music music_sadguitar but it seems you have found out yourself :slight_smile: anyway if you want the music to stop put music off.


Also good luck in your story! :slight_smile:




Np, if you need anymore help just message me :slight_smile:


One author (not sure if she has a forum account or I’d tag her, but she’s @lillith.episode on Instagram) actually has a public Google Doc sorting the songs by mood. This could help you narrow down the list and with future scenes: Music Categories


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