Em's Awesome Cover/Splash Creations! (Same Day, Free, CLOSED)


Hi everyone! I have been making my own cover art for a while, and I thought it’d be nice to share with everyone. Here are some guidlines to fill out if you would like me to make you some art:
Story title:
Type of cover: (Do you want a large or small cover? Both?)
Other text: (Anything else do you want written on the cover?)
Photos of characters in the position you want them: (Limit of four characters)
Background: (Give me an idea of what you want the background to be; a school setting, home setting, etc.)
Genres: (What type of story is it? Comedy? Angst? Romance?)
Specifics: (How do you want the cover to look? Do you have an idea for the placement of the characters?)
Anything else:

-Claim work as own!!
-No hate please, If you don’t like the cover, let me know so that I can [try] to recreate it for you.
-Request to multiple artists along with mine. It’s a waste of everyone’s time, including yours (your request will be denied).

Here are some old works I’ve done:

I seriously need a cover! Please, can anybody make a cover for me? (CLOSED)

hi i am in the process of publishing my first story and i need some cover art would you please make me some? because i would really like to have cover art before i publish the story and make it visible on the app i would highly appreciate it very much


Sure can! Just fill out the form above.
It gives me the details of your ideas.


Title: Love has no color
Author: Brenda
Images :

I want the guy (Ace) to look like he’s in love with Naturelle (these are limelight characters). You can position them and pose them how you want (im not creative) but I just want them to look in love.
Description: Naturelle was born into a world of segregation. She was accepted into a program where she was able to attend an all white school in Mississippi. How will things turn out for her?
Genre: Drama
Small cover.


is it ok to request both small & large cover ?


I’ll get started! Thanks for all this information. Was there any background suggestions, or you could submit a photo.


And yes, that is totally fine. Is that what you want?


eh, the background doesn’t really matter honestly. as long as the cover attracts people you can do whatever you want :joy::blue_heart::+1:t5: again, i’m not creative so I’m not sure :slight_smile: it’s up to you


yes in the large cover it’s the same thing however I want Naturelle to say, “I want to be with you” and she looks sad & Ace says something along the lines of, “Me too, but we can’t be.” and he says that while he looks depressed, for that one I want them to be in an abandoned area. ie; abandoned home, bridge, etc. is that okay?


Of course! I love your train of thought, it’s very unique and this one is sure going to be a tear jerker! <3


One thing, outfits please?


do you mind dressing them up? bc tbh idc about the outfits and how they look, :joy::joy: erm, if you don’t feel like dressing them up I can send you some examples of outfits? :slight_smile:


What were the default outfits, that will be fine. It’s your cover, I don’t want to ruin it. You could also just give me a time period or something of what their outfits would look like.


Do these characters look right?




yes ma’am


Okay! What outfit styles do they have? For the cover though.


eh, the girl could just have a dress on & the guy just some jeans & a shirt


Okay. Stay in touch! I’ll have these done ASAP.


thanks. :+1:t5::+1:t5::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


thank you very much this worked out because i just finished but i am a little confused on how to use this and i don’t see the form above