EM's Backgrounds

Sooooo… clearly no one likes my art shop buttttt… I’m opening this one just for backgrounds.


I can make custom backgrounds


regular ones


edit ones you already have

please request, as I haven’t got a request in soooooo long.


you can go here and request any kind of art


Hi! Can I have a custom background please? I don’t know what you need to make them, so please tell me!

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okay so @kennedy11 what do you need… (a bedroom, a kitchen, etc.)

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Gender: (Girl, boy, parent)
Age: (little, teen, young adult, adult, senior)
Theme: (art, music, any specific color)
Color of room:
Other details:

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Young Adult (College)
The theme can be girly
Bed, couch, and a Z on the wall
uhh sry for doing it out of order

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It’s okay I’ll start in the morning

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@kennedy11 it’s done.
I made three, a

Top view


Front View

And a

Side View

Hope you like them!

I love your backgrounds, I’ll be requesting soon! :slight_smile:

Or, may I request now?

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you can request now!

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I’m requesting one bedroom, a living room, and a kitchen.

The Bedroom: The bedroom should be meant for a tomboy, I’ll need a day version, night version (with lights on), and a night version with lights off. If you could give me a front view, a straight side view, and a top view of the bed, that’d be great.

The Kitchen: The kitchen should be a modern looking kitchen with an island. That would be great.

The Living Room: If you can get me a living room with black, white, and grey colors, that’s all I require. I need a side view, back view, and front view.

I’m sorry that I ask for many views, but I need them. When can you get these for me?

sunday, maximum
they’ll probably be done by tomorrow night tho

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Okay, that’s fine.

Thank you these are awesome

you’re very welcome

@epi.alyssaa I finished your bedroom backgrounds…
problem is, I had to recreate the top view one, so it doesn’t exactly look like the front and side views. if you’d like me to find something else, I would gladly do it.


the other backgrounds will be done shortly

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These look great, thank you!

Do you have a side view that is more straight?

No sorry, If you want I could find you one

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It’s okay, thank you, love. :heart: