Em's top 5 rules for art requesters

hi people, you may know me from reading one of my stories, episode studio, or my art threads (my personal one or the one I do with my best friend) but this thread isn’t about me, it’s about the whole episode community; specifically artists and art requesters.
EM’s top 5 rules for art requesters:
(from an artist’s point of view)
number 1: never ask someone for art (email, pm, dm on Instagram, etc.) and when they ask for you details, never reply. It’s just really annoying.
number 2: never, ever, ever, ever: ask for art you aren’t gonna use; you’re just wasting the artist’s time (we have lives too you know)
number 3: never ask for something, you know an artist can’t make and say something like “everyone has been rejecting me, i’ll love you forever if you do it.” that just makes someone feel embarrassed, ashamed and feel really bad about saying that they can’t do it. (if you don’t know it’s fine) if in the title it says I don’t make art scenes, don’t ask for an art scene.
number 4: never reply to an art thread, with your own art thread. Let’s say this person can’t make art scenes and this customer asks for one, don’t reply with your own thread that can make art scenes.
never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever:
request art from multiple threads!!! it doesn’t make a difference if the artist allows it or not it’s REALLLLLLLLY RUDE. And if you say, the artist will never find out; they will. trust me, I know a ton of artists that check. Adding on to that, if the artist has a promote your story, DO NOT and you requested art from them, don’t post your story, with different art. And don’t use different art in general. It’s really rude.
Feel free to rant about this stuff on this thread.
(please like this so art requesters and artists can see this)


Em your awesome!!! :grin:

thanks I try :wink:

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@EM_EPISODE your sooo right!! I have this
Friend who owns a cover shop cough cough and someone commented their thread on hers and she was VERY MAD!! It’s very rude when someone does that!! YOU ARE SOOO RIGHT!!! LITTERALY!!! YOUR LITTERALY😉 SO AWESOME!


What do you mean use different art? Like what if I have different art scenes, but different scenes are made by different artists, is that considered rude?

No. If you request a cover from let’s say Annie. And Annie makes you your cover. Annie then, reads your story and realizes that you didn’t use her art. Or… Annie then goes on your profile and sees that you requested a cover for the same story from Susan.
That is rude
(And I’m sorry to the Susans out there)

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Alright makes sense!

Happy to help

Can’t you use more than one cover, the first one just has to be approved.