Encouraging words, H A L p

Since I started digital art, it’s been a challenge to keep myself focused on finishing the work lol. Please give me some advice or any encouraging words!

I hope everyone else can get inspired by this thread too!


Think of the bigger picture. Like how it will be after you’re finished. That usually makes me want to finish.


I’m finally finishing the hair…

I feel like crying…

The bigger picture is def what keeps me going :sob:

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Your welcome :heart: Just wish I could take my own advice. Still in the middle of drawing this :sweat_smile:


mirror the picture. always helps me. and it is good to see your picture from both sides

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Right, I forgot about that! Thanks for reminding me!

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Digital art always sucks in the first few stages but if you continue to put in effort it will look great! Don’t give up now, you might be missing out on a future masterpiece. :^)


I’ve been working on this like forever now, looking forward to actually finishing it

Best of luck! :heart:

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Phew I hope so. It really needs experience. :sweat::sweat:


Thanks :heart:

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very nice progress :heart_eyes:

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