Ended a 9 year friendship

I recently ended things with my friend of nine years. I feel like it should be effecting me but it isn’t. I wasn’t happy and she was a horrible friend. But I feel bad for ending things. I just wanted to end things before senior year because I want to create memories without her. Has anyone ever ended a long friendship if so how did you deal with it??


If was a “friendship” if you could call it one. It was torture. So, the story is. I was in kindergarden and I saw this girl playing around a tethor poll. I asked if she wanted to play. Meaning just that recess. But she thought I meant friends. I eventually got more friends 4 or 5 then they would ask to play with me. But she threatned to hurt me if I agreed to play with them. I got afarid and lost all of my friends. 5 friends gone. They all hated ne after. Till the middle of 4th grade. When I explained it to one of thel ost friends. He told me to break things off. But I said no because I had tried before and she tryed to hurt me. Then 3 weeks later I tried to break things off and she trys to hit me. Another boy(who was shy) defended me and helped me get out of that. I have now moved cities. So that over and have new better friends.

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Yeah, in highschool I ended a 4-year-long friendship with an extremely close friend. I knew so much about her life, but she never knew much of mine. She had become extremely toxic and bad for myself and my education and there were many occasions in which she made me feel insecure and upset. My best friend and I decided to end our relationship with her because it was getting to a terrible point. After that, she would consistently spread rumours about us and talk badly behind our backs. It took a while for her to get over it, but throughout it all, we ignored her and was happy that we could finally make memories that weren’t self-depreciating and terrible.

I wasn’t even necessarily upset I ended my friendship with that girl anyways. Its life, and some people aren’t meant to connect with other people in a healthy way. As long as you think about yourself and your own wellbeing rather than feeling bad about ending things, you’ll be okay. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well she tries to turn it around. I told her before I wanted to end the friendship and she says it’s my fault and all that. I think it will be great in the long run though.


It will be. And you really shouldn’t think its your fault. Its not :woman_shrugging:


Thank you! I have one last question. I have lots of pictures of us on my phone and my mom said
Don’t delete them because I might regret it. But I hate looking at them. Should I transfer them off
Phone or leave them?


Transfer them off your phone! That’s what I did! Its good to have memories of every part of your life, even the mistakes. Its what I did and I don’t regret it. That friendship with the girl was important to me and I could never get rid of those photos.


I’ve been there and I think many others. OMG I can’t count the reckless amount of time people have done that to me. It’s a good thing that’s not affecting you, you shouldn’t let her crush you and I understand you want to have memories with her but there are bunch of people you can have memories with. It’s not a crime when you don’t want to be friends with her and you know if it gets to a point where it’s too much you should really consult your parents. They are there to help you. If you want I could be your new friend, we could make memories together. Although it won’t be the same it’s a start

My story
So when I was 3 I moved to Pangnirtung because my mom had an application and I lived there till I was 8 for the first 3 years it was great but when I turned 6 it was a hellhole. All my friends turned against me and I was afraid to go to school. I would go outside and they would throw snowballs at me, gang up on me. It was awful! and that really made me angry and I went a little off. So my dad thought me Judo to learn how to fight for myself and yeah here I am.


It took ten years to realise my friend was a really bad influence, I wasted all that time🤷‍♀️

Friends are overrated tbh.

Just focus on yourself and your well being, it’s important.


I have. I ended things with my best friend of seven years about a year ago. She was my very first friend in kindergarten, we did everything together. She ended up leaving school to be homeschooled, so I would always put my education on hold to be with her. Last year I took her to the beach with me and she was supposed to do the same but ended up leaving without me… then after that we were supposed to do volleyball together but after I had payed and signed up she switched teams so I got stuck with girls I didn’t like… I even left school to be homeschooled just to be with her more but a week later I couldn’t take it anymore so I ended things with her. The best way to deal with it is to stay away from her, delete her from all social media, and make new friends.

I would go buy a beer and meet with some other friends

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I had a friend once that pulled a break up on me, I’m not kidding, it was weird, but I just started hating her immediately because wtf we were friends for years and suddenly she’s telling me she just doesn’t feel like being my friend anymore.

Anyways, if you have toxic friends, it’s always better to cut them off.

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