Ending a kiss - how do I make it stop?

So I have two characters kissing but I don’t know how to end the kiss! Help? What do I do?
&BELLE stands screen center
@BELLE faces right
&ADAM stands upscreen right
@ADAM faces right
@BELLE moves to layer 1
@ADAM moves to layer 2
@BELLE starts kiss_makeout_start
@ADAM starts kiss_makeout_start_rear

Just start a new action like:

@BELLE is flirt_shy AND ADAM is admire

Just use the kiss_makeout_stop animations.

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@Writer2020 Just make sure if you do what @RudeInception says, you turn Adam so he faces left. You don’t want Belle to face right and then Adam to face right while they’re flirting. It would look as if Adam was flirting to the air. :joy:


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