Ending correctly 2 branches story


Hello everyone,

I’m asking for your help on this matter because I can’t find the solution by myself.

In my story, there’re two endings that I coded below.
My problem is even if each story goes correctly to their respective black end, they’re looping back to the beginning of the other branching story !

Do you have any idea how to solve this ? Thank you !!

Label XYZ
goto label end_story_branch_kiss_2

label end_story_branch_kiss_2
@zoom reset
@speechbubble is 159 286 to 100%
_ To be continued …_

label ABC
goto label end_story_branch_reject_2

label end_story_branch_reject_2
@zoom reset
@speechbubble is 159 286 to 100%
_ To be continued …_


Ok, to my understanding… Even if the label is finished to you, if it’s not the last line of the dialogue, it will just keep going. So your first label will just continue to the ABC label.

You will need to put a go-to command at the end of each branch that takes them to a label where they can join together to end. Does that make sense? Because in my head it does but I’m not sure it’s connecting to my words…


Hello amberose,

Yes it makes sense for me.
But will it work if I write a goto label that goes to the next chapter that it’s not yet written ?


I don’t think so. In my scripts I do something like

goto ending

label ending
@transition fade out black

I put goto ending at the end of both labels so they merge together


Thanks it worked !!!


Welcome :blush: