Engagement Art Scene for my LimeLight Story The Black Tigers

I am republishing my story The Black Tigers into LimeLight and would love some special art scenes since they always look so awesome. I have included my character details and my back drop, i would like them located near the boats thank you x

please let me know if you can help thank you x

I can help, but it may take a while… If that’s OK?

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I could help as well. But do you need it drawn art or just keep them as they are?

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Thank you for your help and offer, Time is not a problem as it wont be release for a while as I’m adding a lot more to my story.

As long as they look a like and the outfits look like these. It’s part of a day experience so would look strange if they wasn’t, other than that i’m down with any take on it :slight_smile:

All the best and thank you again Nikki

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