English Please!

On my mobile version, there is some stuff where there is literally no English it’s basically it’s like a bunch of letters heaped together! Example: zg@ dn@tery slb hijs yrjh rtlf u@p!
That’s what it looks like in the App and I’ve even tried updating it and it still doesn’t go away!
List of where this happens: Almost Everything or Everything in the Create part when you are currently making a story at the moment | The description for stories on Episode | Character Names in the Create part | The buttons that let you choose a background, your characters, add dialog, the emotions of characters, and filters! And that’s all I could really find! Hold wait umm… I just now noticed that I didn’t show up with random letters for a story’s description but I’m gonna leave it on the list just in case!

Hello @EntireChannel16, sorry to hear about your issues! :frowning: Try submitting a help ticket to our support team, they’d be more than happy to help! :slight_smile: