Enough with the cliche what stories do you guy want to read

Well obviously I’m writing a story but I need to know what types of stories you guys like cliches at this point are kind of overrated so I just wanted to give the community a chance to speak their mind and see what other kinds of stories would be best you know.

something new! :yellow_heart:


What kind of story are you planning on writing?


I’m thinking of writing in ink with drama and action in it but without the cliche gangs when I look on here many people just do not approve cliche as of mafia, or love stories, or anything violent and much more so I wanted to know what I could provide and do to keep my story away from that category. I mean don’t get me wrong I love the cliches, but a lot of people are just over it so I put this out here for everyone to get feedback on theirs and my story.


Hm, u can maybe write something about:

_ Saving Planet
_ Superhero Stories
_ Animal Stories
_ Caring for kids
_ Discovering A New World Or Thing and Bad people are in your way. (Like National Treasure, or Indiana Jones, or hm…)

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There is so many stories you can write not including mafia, love stories, etc. that can be action. Hm…let’s hear from the others if they have any ideas.

I love those ideas :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and I agree we should hear some others out

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