Enter Your Favorite Episode Stories On Here... (DON'T PUT YOUR OWN!)


I’m just doing this so everyone can maybe find out about a story that is so amazing that they might’ve not known about.


i love too many stories, but my absolute favorite are:
her books, his billions
by the book
wicked academics


adrenaline - literally the only story i’ve ever read until the end

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I have a lot too. This isn’t all of my favorite stories but here are some of them…

My favorites are:

  • Trapped by: Alusza
  • Infinity Riddles by: Suelita
  • My Alien Lover by: Anyanka
  • Glitch Girl by: Joseph Evans
  • Fostering Jordyn by: Episode Writer Jade
  • At First Sight by: Trishy_Writes
  • Blue Onaga by: Chanel N.
  • Behind The Wall by: Khrema
  • Eternal Flame by: Jules M.
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Here are some stories.
By The Book by Amberose
One of the Girls by Amberose
Welcome to the Amazon Forest by XxAlphaBetaxX
Queen by Steffi
Outcast by Loren
Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane by Marshmallow O.
You vs Them by JasmineLilac
Too Much Baby Mama Drama by Lex
No Strings Attached by Alyce Winter
Who We Are by Jay M. Santiago
Supernatural Desires by JemU776
Conquests by Emma Ashsain
The Earl and I by Dean Rivers
Iridescent (LL) by Indigo
Stolen Moments by Indigo
Anticipation, Participation by JasmineLilac
Psychology 101 by Annie Edison
Confessions of a Female Jock by QueenIvy
Remembering Me by Merry Mirrors
War Dogs by Kayla Sloans

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Those sound good. I’ll have to read them. Thank you.

My replies to @classycherries and @AnonymousAuthor1

Yeah, I love too many stories too.

The only times I’ve really gotten off of stories without finishing them are when they don’t spell things correctly or when their story is just so weird.


i’ve never been so engrossed and impressed by a story that i fall in love with the characters and finish it. everything i’ve ever read was cliche, or turned into being cliche when the author ran out of ideas.
i cannot stand bad grammar and shitty directing it really puts me off. everything about Adrenaline is perfect, the only story i genuinely love

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Yeah, I’ve never read that story before. I’ll have to read it.

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i recommend it

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I found it.

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I have so many! Here are some:


10. Blood Lust by Episode

  • I mean, it is by far the best story in my opinion out of all the Episode-made stories. It just makes me feel different vibes from the other stories because of its vampire theme. By far, one of the best Episode-Made stories!

9. Elemental Wars by Thyla

  • The plot is definitely amazing! This story is perfect for those who are fantasy-lovers. But, directing is not so amazing but the plot will definitely distract you from the directing! By far one of the best Element-theme story on Episode!

8. Hello? by Evil Ebonni & Old Mate

  • The directing is ON POINT! And this is story has 4 different endings based on your choices. The author said that you had to pay attention to detail in the backgrounds. It may help you survive! That is, if you want to. Although, this is only 3 episodes, this story is amazing!

7. Galactic Game by Lucky

  • The directing is amazing, especially the intro! This galaxy-theme game show is literally out of this world! pun intended And this story is by far my favorite gameshow-style Episode story. I really enjoyed reading all of it!

6. Save Our Souls by @MdSava

  • The plot and directing is basically amazing! The amount of effort the author put for this story is amazing! I really suggest reading it if you’re one of those horror lovers. It’s basically one of the most well-plotted stories in Episode in my opinion.

5. Adventurous: Seven Seas by @LyraKeiken

  • This pirate-themed story is amazing! I’m currently waiting for more episodes since I’d really like to see what happens next! The plot so far is good, and it makes me want to read more.

4. Villainous Heroes by @LyraKeiken

  • Okay, don’t judge me but I like stories where powers are involved. And this by far is one of the best ones involving superheroes and villains! Again by the same author of number 5, this story has an amazing plot and I can’t wait to see the ending!

3. AW: The Shadows by Cece Marie

  • Basically, the directing is one the best out of all the stories in this list. The monster in this story definitely looks creepy and I love how the story starts with an AI-like creature, I think? But, I definitely suggest giving it a read!

2. Clue: L.O.S.T. by @MdSava

  • Now, I just discovered this story a few days ago and I fell in love! The plot is amazing, since it involves reincarnating into another body to find your own killer! I really wanna know who the killer ends up to be and how I’ll fit in with the other characters with my other body.


  • Gender Switching by Maxine C.
  • Thriller: Honey, I’m Home by kw.episode
  • Accidentally a Vampire by Bbygirlbrooks
  • H & V: Bad Apple by Unchartedraider
  • Seven Friends by Swetlana

1. The Infected by @Caitoriri

  • This story, by far is the most impressive and well-directed story I have EVER read! The plot is just amazing and how the story plays out is beyond than I could imagine! The characters’ personalities are just so well made and it just makes me want to read more! I started loving zombie stories because of this one specifically!

NOTE:Please don’t hate me for making this reply too long or not saying your favorites. These are just my opinion!


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omg thank you so much :sob::sob:

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Here are some of my favourites:

Loco Amor by Ora.epi
Loco Amor: Revenge by Ora.epi
Deep Attraction 1, 2 and 3 by LadyDianna
My sisters Crush by Melissa LaVone
Hunting Bad/ Hunting Bad 2 by Hopemoon
Without you by GeorgiaSanders (AKA MY MOST FAVOURITE STORY EVER!)
Framed by Hanna Mathew
The New girl by Saige Mercer
Deep Desires by Jalen
Body Tangle by Jalen

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Have you read my mind? LOL

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I personally like:

Hunting bad [LL and INK] by hopemoon
Hunting bad 2 [LL] by hopemoon
Behind the tux [LL and INK] by hopemoon
Assassins of Blackwood [INK] by Dana
Loco Amor [INK] by Ora
Loco Amor 2: Revenge [INK] by Ora
Somewhere Along the Way [INK] by Coni B
Loving Latino [LL and INK] by hopemoon
Without You [INK] by Georgia
In My Blood:Sucker For Pain [INK] by Blessings
Attracted to the Nerd [INK] by Zen
Love Bird/Falling for Sin [INK] by Ceri
Body Tangle [INK] by Jalen
Clothes Off [INK] forgot her real name
Bittersweet Wounds [INK] by Ceri
Us At Midnight [INK] by Ceri
Apartment 143 [INK] forgot exactly who made it
Bad for my Heart [INK] forgot name of who made it
Complicated [INK] I forgot her real name srry
My Skater Lover [INK] by Effydoses
The New Girl [INK] forgot the name

I’m terrible at names so sksksksks but these stories are rlly good (I’ve read too much episode as you can see LOL)

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Some of my favorites

Long @$$ list

RIVALS by monica
The Teenage Vigilante by Lexi
Without You by Georgia Sanders
Obviously You by Nixx
Sinful by Ally
Dirty Chaos by Venera M
Your Sihouette by Anya
If I Stay by ElleStevens
GUILTY by Sadet Khalil
My Psycho by Bukii.Di
The Abomination by Costa
Boyfriend For Hire, Cherry On Top, and HATE YOU all by cpc
The Shaw Brothers by Violet Madison
Rebounding With Bad by Talia Rose (INK version, waiting & hoping for updates :joy:)
BITTERSWEET by Katherine S.
Revenge Daddy by N.J Colin
Hunting Bad and Hunting Bad 2 by Hope Moon (INK versions)
Vengeance by Laura King (@lauraepi)
Burning Souls jt.writes
It’s Just An Illusion (LL), Chain Reaction (1st only, INK), Taste The Darkness (LL) by Miss. Mj
Psychotic Lover by Nevaeh Hyde
Sweet ‘n’ Savoury by R.B
Everything In Between by epyabby
WAR DOGS by Kayla S.
FRAMED by Hanna Mathew
Side Chick’s Guide To Revenge by writtenbymegan
Forever Yours by Kylie
Love Me Black & Blue, Sinned, After School, and Call Us Danger by effydoses
Good Cop, Bad Delinquent, and Wild Fire by Carllies
Wicked Sins by Regina (LL)

Lool guess we have the same taste <3