Entering a house


How do I make it seem like my character is entering Int. Dad’s House in episode limelight?


@CHARACTER enters from left to screen right OR
@Character enters from right to screen left


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You could download the BG and make it a overlay.


No, not really


@BoredBabe I actually want my character to turn around and walk to the door


Like you want them to walk into the house right? You would have to download the BG and make a door overlay out of it and then cut the whole door out and then upload the BG with the cutout of the door.


BoredBabe’s refering to the background.
That you should download it and turn it into an overlay, with a door opening to the inside, that you then can place on a interior background of your choice.



oh… ok
Thank you :hugs:


Don’t mention it. :upside_down_face: