Entering and exiting advanced

So I want my character to enter from one side and without stopping, walk all the way to the last zone and exit. All while spot directing and following throughout zones. I just cannot figure it out!

@RudeInception maybe you know? You seem to be the directing master .

Okay, I figured out how to walk in to zone 3 and pan, but not how to exit instead of stopping in the last zone :expressionless:

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So you’ll want to place your character offscreen in zone 1 if your character is at a specific spot direction. You do that by using a negative X integer:

@CHAR spot S -100 Y in zone 1

And then you just walk your character using regular walking commands. At the same time use the &pan to shift the screen:

&pan to zone 3
@CHAR walks to spot S 400 in zone 3

Using a high number like 400 will push the character offscreen on the right and make it look like they exited.

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PS: you don’t have to use the negative internet (-100) if the character is at a default size and position.

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