Entering and Exiting (AT SLOW OR FAST SPEED)

I know that if you want a character to enter/exit a scene while running you need only write:

@CHARACTER exits right AND CHARACTER is run_athletic_neutral_loop

But when I see then end results the animation is rather crass looking because it looks like they’re running super fast in place.

Is there a code (maybe spot direction) that enables the characters to move on and off screen faster so it looks like they’re actually running?


S = stands for seconds, keep it under 1 to make a character go fast (but not 0 and not negative, ex. 0.4)

Can read more here: HOW TO: Enter and Exit Scenes 🧊

Spot direction:

@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.98 125 130 in zone 2 in 5 AND CHARACTER does it while walk_neutral

in 5 means 5 seconds, but doesn’t have to be 5. Can be any other number (ex. 0.3)

Can also check out:

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