Entering characters

Hey, I have a problem. I want 5 characters to enter the screen at the same time. But everytime I play it on APP theres one character that stands screen left (even she is supposed to stands screen center) and the 4 others stands at screen center. All of them. It didnt even show how they walk, they just pop up on the screen. I tried it with AND, &, I then I gave up and did it with @ but the same thing keeps hapenning. One time it shows them walking and going to the place they are supposed to and thats when I used walks to. But they were walking from every direction and it looked awful. Can somebody help me? The script doesnt show any errors

Can we see what your script looks like?

I just figured it out. I removed “in zone 1” and its working!
So let me get this straight, when I use the command enters I cannot use in zone x?
Thanks for answer

No you can’t and you don’t need to add “in zone x” because you’re already in whatever zone you want your character to be in when you use the “enters from” command.

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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