Entering from back right?

Hi everyone!

I am writing my first story and I am trying to layer characters in a restaurant. I wanted the waitress to enter from the back right and walk through the scene to the back left until she exits. I can’t get the coding right for her no matter what I do.

Any and all help is appreciated!

What zone do you have this all taking place in?

In zone 2 of the Sushi Restaurant OL - Night background. :slight_smile:

Okay so what you can do is spot the character in zone 3 to be in the back and then have the character walk to spot ____ in zone 1 and they will walk through

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Thank you sooo much! I have been going crazy over this for days! :smiley:

No problem, hoped this helped! If you have any other questions I’d love to help!

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I am trying it now, and I will probably let you know if I have any trouble. :sweat_smile:

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So here is what I typed, but there is an issue. Would you mind telling me where I went wrong?

MAAYA spot 1.280 396 233 AND MAAYA enters from right to spot 1.280 -197 258 in zone 2 AND MAAYA is run_athletic_neutral_loop

It worked until I added ‘in zone 2’, but she was walking upward on a diagonal without specifying the zone.

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Okay I’m going to try coding it myself and I’ll get back to you on that!

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Thank you so very much!

Okay, so I coded everything but I have her running offscreen so I need to change the spotting location. Where do you want her spotted?

Do you want her her to run across the screen?

Yes, I want her running across the screen, like she’s panicking to get to someone at the bar in zone 1.

I have her spotted currently at 0.623 295 312 in zone 2!

Okay give me a sec. I almost got it

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Okay so Do you want her to gradually be getting smaller? I see that the size changes in zone 2. I got her running across the screen, I just need the correct spotting

I kind of want her to run straight across the restaurant to someone standing at spot 0.776 141 222 in zone 1, if that helps.

@MAAYA stands screen center in zone 3
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
@MAAYA walks to spot 1.280 71 63 in zone 1 AND MAAYA is run_athletic_neutral_loop
Okay so this is what I have her at, but this is just her running through the screen and she is in the front. If you want I could change it, or you could just respot it

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Wow, thank you so much! I’ll try it out right now! :smile:

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Okay, I got it to work! Thank you so much for all of your help! My last question for this is, how to make sure her feet go behind the chairs? I noticed she’s running on top of the backs of them, and my character in the foreground.

I think you would have to make the chairs an overlay since the chairs are int he background.