Entering into zone 3 at my wits end


So, I want MOM to enter zone 3 from the right but I cannot for the life of me figure out how! she just keeps popping up in zone 1. I don’t want an abrupt cut to zone 4 either. that worked, but I like the smoothness of the pan.


Have her do
@MOM enters from right to spot 1.28 270 0 in zone 3


I tried that and got an error because of putting the zone at the end. It’s killing me


It should work…
You could try spotting her off screen like:
@MOM spot 1.28 900 0
@MOM walks to spot 1.28 270 0 in 4 in zone 3


Still getting this error :frowning:


Refresh your page (F5) and then try to start preview from another line.

And you have to put first zone you want to walk and then time (and you ate an 0 from your spot number):

@MOM walks to spot 1.280 270 0 in zone 3 in 4


now she’s walking from zone 1 to 4 ugh this has to be the most complicated thing I’ve tried


WoW…i saw now… You have MOM’s spot 1.280 900 0 (one zone have width 320… so it’s normal to be out of your background).

Where you want MOM to be, in what zone?


Every time when you want to put your character with spot… try:

@CHARACTER spot x y x in zone *(1)
x - your character high
y - left-right position of your character - from 0 to 320 each zone
z - up-down position of your character
*(1) - is the number of the zone you want your character to be


That works, but I want her to enter from the right of zone 3 and I cant figure it out



@pan to zone 3 in 5
@MOM enters from right to spot 1.280 270 0


When you use “@CHARACTER enters from right/left to spot/screen” you don’t have to put before that spot to your character.


Can try this:


@STELLA changes into STELLA_format_sophisticated

@STELLA spot 0.908 84 195 in zone 2 AND MOM spot 1.28 900 0 in zone 3 AND MOM faces left

@STELLA is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop

&pan to zone 3 in 5

@pause for 2

@MOM walks to spot 1.28 270 0 in zone 3 in 4 AND MOM does it while walk_neutral THEN MOM is react_shocked_gasp

MOM (react_scream_horror)