Entering scene problem

Hello so I am having a little trouble when I start a new scene sometimes like the character don’t show up right away and it’s like they just pop up so I need a little help please! Thank you!

Hey, so if you want all characters, overlays, etc to already be set up and at their correct spots right when the scene begins, you need to place them before the transition command and use the & sign. Here is how I format my scenes:

@CHAR changes into OutfitName
&CHAR spot 1.28 100 0 in zone 3 at layer 3 and CHAR faces left and CHAR is idle_happy
&CHAR2 spot 1.233 200 0 in zone 3 at layer 2 and CHAR2 faces right and CHAR2 is idle_armscrossed
@cut to zone 3 and zoom reset
@transition fade in 3

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it kind of worked but the two other characters show up after and it’s still like they pop up out of no where

nvm it worked thank you so much!