Entering to a specific location

Hey everyone!

I want my character to enter to the screen and immediately walk to a specific location.

I tried that:
@CHARACTER enters from left to spot …
and it didn’t work.

I also tried that:
@CHARACTER walks to spot …
it worked but it looked like my character suddenly stands at the screen and then she walked to the spot I command.

I hope I explained it comprehensibly. Also, sorry for my bad English. :blush:

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You have to spot them off screen first I think? E.g @CHARACTER spot 0.123 45 67 in zone 2 then on a new line put @CHARACTER walks to spot 0.123 X 67 where you want them to walk to. So put them to the size and spot you want, then push them off screen and spot them, then make them walk to the place you want. I think I explained that badly :sweat_smile:

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Its exacty as Lilly writes.
If you are familiar with spot directing.

1)spot him offscreen on the side you want him walk from

2)then give the walk to spot command

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I got it. Thank you!


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