Epi.Aesthetics Thread! (Overlays, covers, edits, art, backgrounds, and more!) (OPEN!)

Thank you

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Hi, I was wondering if I could use one of the backgrounds in my story. I will give credit to the maker because it is amazing and I want other people to see it and appreciate it as much as I do. :grin: It’s this one:

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Hi. I made that. Of course you can use it! Credit me by my forum username Elva_Writes or my instagram, elva.writes_insta. :blush:

I’ll do both :grin:

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Thank you. <3

No problem. x

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Sorry about the Background change and clothes! But here is your completed request! I unfortunately use Amanda’s EA so it has limited clothes options.

I can take your request :smiley:
Send me the details, please…

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I would like to request a few overlays.

Transparent letters saying:

For sneak peaks, announcements and contests

More transparent letters!

please follow:

Even more transparent letters


Tons of transparent letters!

Thanks for reading!

Okay, I think that’s it. I would like the lettering to be in a cursive font and be white. Please reply to tell me if you can do it or not!

And if you need more info, don’t hesitate to reply to me, or PM me!

I can make these for you. :blush:.

Mc Details:

Name- Audrey

Body- Rose 02

Brow- Arched Thick Style (Ginger Red)

Hair- Long Wavy Parted Hair (Strawberry Blonde)

Eyes- Rounds Downturned Wide (Green Emerald)

Face- Heart Soft

Nose- Defined Natural

Lips- Full Heart Pouty (Pink Warm Gloss)

Mc Outfit:

Top- sheer roller sleeve tanktop linen red cherry

Bottoms- Rippedleggingssimple grey light

Footwear- lace cape stiletto heels leather grey neutral warm

Accessories- woven bracelet metal accents red rose, diamond cluster earcuff earring ruby, ringed long chain necklace metal gunmetal

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Thank you so much! :smile:

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Of course. :smile:

Can you be more specific?
How do you want your cover (large cover/small cover or both), and how do you want your splashes? :thinking:

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So I made 2 :slight_smile:


Lol, when I upload them, it’s just a white box. No letters. Pls help. :laughing:

Can I make them black? It must be a glitch. :joy:

Lol, it’s okay, make them black :sweat_smile:

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If you can’t get it then I got you!

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