Epi.Angels Art Shop (Overlays, covers, edits, art, and more!) (CLOSED)

Hello and welcome to the official art request thread of our new aspiring art group, Epi.Angels! Also please leave picture reference in the thread if necessary.
A special thanks to @rubywrites who made all the banners on this page

CREDIT You must give credit as a lot of time and effort are takken into making the perfect pieces.
NO THREADHOPPINGPlease do not request the same thing elsewhere, or we will not accept any other requests from you.
GIVE US TIME Art takes time and you need to be patient while we create your art.
DO NOT STEALWe have examples to show you the atrists own unique styles, but please do not steal our examples or any art we make and pretend it is yours.


Sunset_Shimmer's Examples

EpyPhoenix's Examples

Cami_valen's Examples

Wolfina's Examples

Elie9's Examples

Stella2003's Examples

Prashanasaravi's Examples

Lillytrin's Examples

Paigebarr's Examples

Turtlelover1025's Examples

NOTE @Stella2003 is taking a break *
NOTE @elie9 will not be taking any more requests until she has caught up with the current waiting list
NOTE @Cami_epy will not be taking any more requests for the time being


Splash :heart:
Drawn Art :heart:
Character Edits (Not Drawn) :heart:
Covers :heart:
Character sheets :heart:
Art scenes :heart:
Profile Pictures :heart:


@appleqrl @Stella2003 @elie9
@Wolfina @raindrvps @Sunset_Shimmer @littytrin @paigebarr @turtlelover1025

We need some more members it would help if
you can do any of these : Overlays,splashes, character sheets, Limelight Covers,Banners and Profile Pics.

If you would like to join our group please fill in this form here.

Liyah.Episode (Instagram)- Drawn Art (Anyone)
@Jaynee.Episode - Art Scene (Anyone)
@Lune - PfP (@elie9)
@G_vanessa - Cover (@elie9 )
@Eternity - Art Scene (Anyone)
@lvqbrl - Cover (@raindrvps)
@AnonymousAuthor1 - Overlay (@littytrin )
@Allie_Diamond_Epy - Art Scene (Anyone)
@Imperfecctiion - PfP (@Wolfina )
@alittlebird - Art Scene (Anyone )
@ttepy20 - Art Scene (@raindrvps)
@May_colman - Drawn Art (@raindrvps)
@molly247 - Cover (@elie9)
@unicorngirl3 - Cover (Anyone)
@writeslondon - Cover (Anyone)
@Unicorngirl3 - Cover (Anyone)
@Red1 - Art Scene (Anyone)
@Jakefxy - Art Scene (Anyone)
@Bumblebree - Cover (@elie9 or @stella2003)
@Aims1141 - Cover (@elie9)
@Arqules2289 - Cover (@elie9)
@HopeFrvr - Art Scene ( @raindrvps )
@inkkee - Cover (@Elie9, @raindrvps or @Sunset_Shimmer)
@Jasmine5010 - Cover (@elie9)
@Amiraa - Cover (@raindrvps)
@merliahseven - Cover (Anyone)
@Twinnylishu - Art Scene ( Anyone)
@NICOLE94 - Drawn Art ( Anyone)
@writeslondon - Drawn Art (Anyone)
@Doreen - Drawn Art (Anyone)
@Episode.kaitlyn - Art Scene (Anyone)
@youhavenoidea Art Scene (@elie9)
@nancy.epi - Drawn Art (@elie9 )
@claires.epy - Splash (Anyone)


i don’t need anything right now but all of your works are amazing!!!


Thank You!

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can i get a art scene?

Of course you can! Just fill out the art scene form above. :wink:

Just submitted for drawn art, I love your guys’ work so much, they are all amazing :heart_eyes:


Thanks Z! :heart:

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Thanks for the praise.

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I just submitted a request for a cover! You guys are all talented! :grin:

Can I have a portal overlay I realy need one x

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I loved the examples! so I submitted one for a cover! :purple_heart:

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Please fill out the form

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I idid

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btw can I have mine done by @Stella2003?

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