Epi Art Shop📝📚 [CLOSED]

thank you!

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Ofc, thank you too :sparkling_heart:

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Request completed!

click here

You can give me credit by my forum name! Thank you in advance!<3

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I love it! tysm!

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Hey is @v.h_episode available?


Hey and yes!


which artist? @v.h_episode
drawn or edited? Edited
character details:

character size: shes on the shorter side but i dont want that to be shown in the cover
picture of characters in a pose:
I want her to be making this face :crazy_face: with a finger gun up to her head
title and author: Runaways and Gutz
extra details: I want the color pallet for like shading and highlights to be based on the old cover

If I could have a version without her and just the title for the large cover that’d be perfect :relieved:

Okay perfect :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi I need a drawn picture for the cover of my story and i want the girls legs to be around the guys waist like this pictureimages (23)

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this the girl

  • skin,rose 10

  • hair,curly brads hair

*eyes,female generic

  • face,diamond

*nose grecian soft

*lips full heart pouty

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Please fill out the form correctly and completely in one post. You’ll find the form above.

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In which direction should she face? And same outfit as on the card? And is waist up okay or do you want closer or further away?

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please fill out the form corretly yes.

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sorry this is my first time I have no idea how to do this stuff

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are you requesting a cover?


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These are the questions:

which artist?
drawn or edited?
character details:
character size:
picture of characters in a pose:
title and author:
extra details:

Hi I’d like to request a drawn art scene!
Which Artist? @v.h_episode
Character details:
Aitana - Female Athletic Body (Copper 02), Straight Medium (Chestnut Brown), Updo (Golden Brown), Monolid Defined (Blue Green), Diamond, Defined Natural, and Full Round Pouty (Dark Apricot Gloss).

Dario - Male Athletic Body (Neutral 04), Arched Medium (Black Dark), Military Fade Cut (Black Dark), Male Generic (Ice Blue), Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved, Straight Pointed, and Full Heart Natural (Neutral Medium Nude Matte)

Character size: She’s short but since she’s wearing heels she’s somewhat taller (if that makes since) and he’s tall.

Pictures of the Characters or pose:

Outfits (Full clothing names listed or with a picture) :
Aitana - Pumps Closed Round Silver, Birds In Flight Tattoo, Leaf Motif Beaded Bracelet Metal Silver, Triangle Long Earrings Metal Silver, Noveau Gem Pendant Necklace Metal Silver, Beauty Mark Mole Upper Lip R Brown, and Halter Tie Waist Asymmetrical Cotton Complex Color (Grey Black)

Dario - Pressed Slack Pants Cotton Grey Black, Hoop Earring Silver Line Metal Gold Silver, Tied Penny Loafer Leather Grey Black, and Open Button Down Suit Jacket Cotton Grey Black

Extras (Blush, Custom Tattoos, etc.):
I would love if you could use this background

And she’s smiling up at him while he’s smirking down at her.


Exactly this pose or with some small changes?
And do you want me to send you the finished sketch (via PM) to check if everything is alright or not?


Exactly that pose please and yes I would love if you sent me the finished sketch.


Hey! Is it possible to make a cover for my story? Below is a pic of the characters and a screen shot of the sort of thing I want…

I appreciate I’d need to fill out the form but just wondered if it was do able!

Thanks Danni x

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