Epi Art Shop📝📚 [OPENED]

Okay, of course take your time! :blush: Thank you.

And yeah, totally get the school thing :woozy_face:

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when will be my request completed?

It won’t. I don’t mean to sound rude but you were really disrespectful like 1st and just so you know for other art shops your request will never be completed in 2 days. So we won’t be doing your request at all.

Hey ! I was wondering if I could request an art scene but I see your waiting list is full.
If I request it now, could you please put me on your waiting list when you are done with your current requests? Or should I request again once you have a spot available?
I don’t mind waiting at all, so take your time :blush:
Thank you in advance !

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Please wait until one spot is available again


It’s ok.
i know phone is not a proper way to communicate with each other. because others can understand your message something else.

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@Bhargavi @Estefanyyy @NaturalM

I’m really sad to inform you that I will have to cancel your requests. I know this is not fair but school is really stressing and this is not what I want to do. I may opet other shop with other kinds of edits but not for now.

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@Emmyy @MyaShadow @Ella4ever Even though this shop will be/is closed, I’ll finish your request, just let me know if you prefer to send the finished works via PM or IG


I rather you send mines via pm and thank you for still doing my request :relaxed:.


can I please help i would like to help drawing and editing for epi art shop

I can make you a cover. Because yours won’t be done by mateepi

Of course! please make it

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Okay, No problem :slightly_smiling_face:

this shop is closed

Totally okay don’t stress about thank you anyway!

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Oh if your willing to pick it up it would mean a lot ! I would love if you pm me !

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Sorry, but even if this shop is closed I still have a limited number of request, so I don’t take any more! (+those three requested by me in this shop, not by @/mateepi like you did)

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Pm please!!! Tysm!


I am opening again! <3


Hey!! So i wanted to request for insta splash
character details and pic in a pose (if there are any characters):
BODY - Female Athletic Body(Gold 2)
BROW-Arched Natural(Black Dark)
HAIR-Short Flipped Wavy Solid (Black dark)
EYES-Round Medium (Brown Black)
FACE-Heart Soft
NOSE-Round Button Upturned
LIPS-Full Round Flat Top Skin(pink peach medium matte)

POSE - wink_atcamera


text: Thanks for reading!
Follow @dhanvi_writes for updates and sneek peeks
extra details:nope!

Thanks in advance!
Have a nice day/night :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: