Epi Babes (Art thread) {Closed to catch up}

I might be able to do this but I’ll get to you tomorrow since rn isn’t a good time for me

Character details banner!
Character details:
Skin: Copper 01
Brows: Arched natural scar
Hair: Over shoulder braid (medium brown)
Eyes: round downturned wide (blue green)
Face: heart soft
Nose: defined natural
Lips: full heart pouty (pink warm gloss)
Outfit: doesn’t matter but she has to be wearing Chained Pendant Simple Crystal Purple Royale.
Name: Emma
Theme (Pink, black, Dark, goth etc.): Sad-ish(if that makes sense)


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Can I request a splash?
“This story contains sound, so please turn up your volume!”
Theme: Musical and happy
Background: Musical background
“This story uses strong language and mature themes”
Background: Dark background
Theme: Dark
“17 years later…”
Plain black background
“6 months later…”
plain black
“Present Time…”
plain black
May I also request a cover from @Toxic.Dreams or @Melissa.H ?
Author name: Mercedes.stories
Drawn or edited; Drawn
SAM = skin tone: taupe, face:oval, hair; straight/black, eyes: upturned bold/green, brow: seductive arch, nose: elven, mouth:classic/blush
Jason = skin tone: taupe, face: defined triangle, eyes: classic round/blue, brow: thick arch, nose: button, mouth:uneven/taupe
Outifts = bad ass outfits
What size: Cover/ background size
Pose: Sam is angry and she has a gun in her hand while Jason stands behind her with his hands covering her mouth and his other hand is on his mouth like saying “shush”
Background: creepy house background like a creepy hallway or something
Extra’s: Half body not full body


Can i request a profile pic by @Jossu or @Toxic.Dreams

Character details or picture:

hair : beach wave black
lips : blossom cherry red
eyes : upturned bold
skin : fair
face shape : oval
nose : roman
outfit: i want the girl to wear a baggy sweater dress in the colour white and black choker with gold accents and tennis❤ and if possible could it be in a white and blue cute background a bit tomboy kinda
Pose: a mirror selfie please
Do you want your name on it?: uh nah
Background: white and blue cute bckgrnd
Extras: could there be it some cute hearts up the girls head to kinda resemble as if it was taken in snapchat but with the heart filter
Any theme?: nah

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You character benner will completed soon by me I think It will take about 30 min for now:blush:

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Here’s your banner:

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I am doing ur cover. I just have a few questions.

  1. Who do u want to do the splashes for u?
  2. for the cover, do u want 3 covers (one small, one large, and one the size of a background)?
  3. Do u want the covers in a specific time?
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@Toxic.Dreams hey I’m making rhis right?

Mhm! If you want to that is. <3

How does these look?


I can change anything you need me to :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Yeah I’ll do it

It doesn’t matter who does them, whoever is available.
No I just want a large cover and one, the size of a background
I want to covers by Friday

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Ok no problem! I will see what i can do! :grin:

Hey i just realized that u never mentioned what hair jason has? And could u also tell me the colour? Thanks! As soon as u can so i can get started. :grin:

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Yes, like a profile pic. The size doesn’t necessarily matter but I’d like it to be a square canvas or a tall rectangle :slight_smile:

I love the font style of the first one! Can you do this in the seconds one too? Love the background! romantic but a little dark just like me and my story hihi. And i would like it if you put credits beneath it for yourself!

If i wrote something wrong i’m from the netherlands and when i talk to someone who doesn’t understand me i always make mistakes😂…


Here you go! Sorry it took so long, I tried to send it last night but it said ‘timeout exceeded’ and wouldn’t let me send it. I just dmed an admin and got that fixed, though. Anyways, I’m debating whether it’s actually good or not… :joy:


Basically, the story line is that she has found a stone/gem that was glowing from the ground and picked it up out of curiosity weird things started to happen and there’s blue magical effects. This is how she got her superhero powers! <3


Aww thanks I will :two_hearts: I’ll get it done in less than 10

Shsbsbsvshsbs that looks good :heart_eyes:

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