Epi Babes (New and Fresh we are back)

Hello and welcome to Epi babes! Epi babes is it’s own art thread and we really hope that you’ll request, but just a reminder here are the


1) Patience. When you request rom epi babes you need to be patient waiting for your request. We work very hard for your requests and when you ask us when it’s done or how long do I have to wait. We don’t like it and we may rush your art so it doesn’t turn out like you do.

2) Use it when you request. We work hard on your request so we don’t want our work to go to waste. When you want a request please when you have finished completing the form please reply below with the password.

Password -> Babes

3) Other art threads. Please DO NOT and we mean DO NOT advertise your own art thread here even when we are closed

4) Thread hopping. Please in any shape or form when you request from US please DO NOT request the same thing from another thread. You may tell us that you have canceled our request THEN and only THEN you may request the same thing from another thread. If you have a outfit choice then tell us at the extras taht you will be requesting the same thing on a other thread but with a different outfit because you have a outfit choice.

5) Credit. Our artist request credit when your art is completed by them. How to give credit? Here are some ways…

How to credit in story

1) Credit at the end of your story. What that means is basically it what it says, that means when your story is ending then you need to say “Thank you (Artist name) for the (Type of art you have used)”
2) Credit with the readerMessage. Simple credit with the reader Message if you don’t know how to use it then here’s the code:
readerMessage Thank you (Artist name) for the lovely (Type of art)

On instagram or forums.

3) Using your bio. Just credit the artist in your bi. If the artist as insta and is willing to give you the name of it you are crediting the artist with her/his insta in your bio. Or if the artist doesn’t have insta then credit her/him just with his/hers forum name in your bio as @/Artist.

4) On insta highlights. This only if your on Instagram, Credit him/her with his/her instagram/forum username in your story higlights.

6) Stealing/Tracing. In our art group we HATE and DON’T APPRECIATE you stealing or tracing our work.

7) Sharing it. When you want to use our art outside of episode tell us first so we ahve been informed of it. When you share it on episode, Forums or Instagram it is okay.

8) Requesting. I in genaral don’t like when people request from a certain person just because. In our word/my world EVRYONE is equal and no one should be requesting from a certain person, you do not have to apply to this rule but it would be appreciated if you would.

If breaking or not applying to some of these rules your request might me delied or even CANCELED.

These are our art thread members:

@Jossu @Melissa.H @keiji @lanafrazer_episode @Nina07

Here are ALL of our examples

@Jossu's examples

@Jossu’s examples

@Melissa.H's examples

@leslie_giselle's examples

@Nina07's examples

@lanafrazer_episode's examples

image image image image image image image image image

when you want to request please be informed that we may not be able to do your request, so your request may be canceled.

Please let us know about any mistakes in our form and please wait paitently for your request.

Waiting list

There are 5 slots open feel free to request

“Thank you” banner by- @Jossu
Other banners by - @Toxic.Dreams


We are back and ready! :wink: :raised_hands:t3:


@Melissa.H of course ur the shy one :joy::joy::joy:


Requested :smile::sparkling_heart: …Babes :3


Lol Yh… apparently :slight_smile:

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I am filling out a form for a cover, but I have requested a cover from another thread with different character placements and it’s just basically a different cover for the same story and she doesn’t have any rule against requesting from another thread or whether or not I use her work or not, is it still okay to request here? But I will use both, just one as a background and the other as the cover.

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I have made a request.
Password: Babes

So I have a problem in my request for an edit i haven’t written character placement so if it’s okey I’m gonna write it now
Female in the Center , Male 1 in the right and male 2 on the left
Hope it’s okey

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Please wait patiently when we get you a perfect artist and when they finish your request.

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Please wait patiently when we get you a perfect artist and when they finish your request.

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Please wait patiently when we get you a perfect artist and when they finish your request.


Please read the rules and submit again. if you have any questions about your request declined then please reply here and we’ll talk about it, if you are not comfortable then PM me about it.

@Benzie.stories we have a question for you backgound/cover.

If you are going to use it as your backgroun/cover then is the size gonna be 640 x 1136 or are you going to use it as a cover and if a cover then, 966 x 642 or 420 x 520

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i had requested something on yalls other post i was wondering if i had to request again on this form? im not sure and i dont wanna requst twice and im definitely not trying to rush yall or anything sorry if it sounds like that im sorry that definitely wasnt my intentions

@Blue1994 you have asked:

Answer to your question:
Sorry for the confusion and yes you have to request again here, list the same things and details here in the google form as you did in the form in the old thread

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Hey i am not here to request i was wondering if you accept members because i would love to be a part of you team

I guess I’ll use this as a cover and the other as a background. So, 640 x 1136

Submitted :grin: :blush:

Password -> Babes

Hey, I do covers, splashes, overlays and working on outlines and art. I was maybe thinking I could be apart of your team. So uhh yah! :kissing_heart: :wink:

@appleqrl and @Hannah_minna please we are thinking even now that we wouldn’t accept anyone. Please this is going to clog our thread,