Epi Cutie Squad (Join now) 😉

Hayyaaaa! and welcome to our thread!

So I have always wanted to be in a art thread or make one and get members or some that stuff
But has never worked out…:sob:

Okay so This thread or squad will be Epi Cutie Squad. Do you know why it’s because we all are cutiessss.


If you want to join then please fill out this form

Fill the form for joining:
What we could call you?:
Have You been in any other art groups?:
Would you brake the rules?:
What part do you want coder/clothing maker/Splash maker/Edits/Covers/Banners etc:

This is Only a joining thread not like a art thread the group will form if we have at least 2 or 3 members

Here are my examples:

Click meh!


Please reply to this thread if you really want to join and be apart of our group

And I’m sorry if I don’t reply really fast I’m going to a event in 15 minutes


Can i join

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You just have to copy and fill out the form

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@Sydney_H Please can this be closed?

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley:

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