Epi Fashion Art Contest {Models and Participants needed}

So my friend and I had this Fashion contest idea. Where we select a group of people from the community and well… do some art! 3 INK and 3 LL (male or female)

So basically in this contest, in each round you have to choose ONE of your models to draw or edit their character to match the theme. Its a non stop competition, so it has different rounds and it can be edited or drawn.

(If you wanna be a model, fill out the form but mention who you wanna be a model for!)

My Models:
INK Models:
LL Models
Zagical's Models:
INK Models:
LL Models
Rose_R's Models:
INK Models:
LL Models
Grace's Models:
INK Models:
LL Models

You can also join in on the contest! You are more then welcome too! Just fill in this form and you will be added!

Model Form

Female or Male?
Who do you want to model for?
INK or LL?
Details (not outfit!!!)
Your personality
How active are you?

Participant Form

Do you draw or edit?
Do you do INK, LL or both?
How active are you?

Judge Form

How active are you?

  1. @episode.erayla_x
  2. Willa (she left forums)
  3. @Zagical
  4. @LR_epsd
  5. @callmegrace.epy
  1. @Coco7
  2. @EmmaZedler
  3. @Cami_epy
  4. @Zembo27
  1. This is just a fun little contest! No pressure at all! But if you join as a model, judge or participant, PLEASE let me know if you would like to drop out before the start of the round begins so no artists work will go to waste!

  2. NO bullying, harrasing or anything with participants, judges or models please!

  3. No stealing others work or ideas!

  4. At the end of each round I will post the theme and episode style (ink or ll) in the group chat of participants and models!

  5. At the end of each round I will post each piece here! But if you would like me to keep yours private, that is ok as well!

  6. Rounds can go up to 3 weeks! (like how long the rounds can go for) so its not putting pressure on anyone to get their piece done.

  7. Fill out the forms properly please or we will be allowed to decline your signup!

  8. If you only do edited, thats fine as well! Same for styles, if you only do INK you can do INK only if you want!

  9. Participants can have up to 3 models for both styles!

  10. It can be full body or waist up and you can choose if the models can keep the work you do!

  11. Each round you have to choose one model

I will begin the group chat and the first round when we have enough models, participants and judges

Let me know if anything is confusing!

Happy Days!

And if this ends up being just me and Willa, on the bright side we’re practicing our art hey? :joy:

Possible tags

@SkyM @MSoldin0403 @miss.keisha @Zagical @Coco7 @Maya_Reihnard


Ann124you should try edgy and eimo outfits

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It depends on the theme :thinking:

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yeah haha…

mOdels where yAll @???

ok so, once someone signs up to be participant, they will be able to have models sign up to be one of their models. Then each round you will choose one model (INK if the theme includes INK or LL if the theme includes LL)

you can choose to be a model, participant or judge. once enough spots are filled, I will announce the theme and style for the round. thats when participants choose their model and get to work!

amazing! And f you can, tag some people you think might be interested :wink:

I’ll pass this one, @Jubels

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I’m totally joining :heart:
participant form
do you draw or edit i draw an edit
do you do ink, LL or both i draw ink an edit ll
how active are you a lot lol so everyday :woman_facepalming:t3::joy:

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great! Once we have more people joining I’ll start the rounds! And if you want, maybe tag some people who might wanna be models, judges or artists!

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@callmegrace.epy @Epi.milkyway @SkyM @AMagic @Forever1201 sorry if you didn’t want to be taged :grimacing:


Im sorry I still don’t get it :joy:

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Judge form
I’m always on the forums and if I have school when I get back I’m always here!

like you dont understand the contest?

@Coco7 tysm for being the first judge!!

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:joy:when theres enough people joining in, I will explain what the judges and that will do. Also, if you’d like, tag some people you think may want to join in on the fun! Whether that being a model judge or artist!


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Yhea. Like what’s happening?

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