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Hey everybody,
I am a part of Episode Foody Reviews. We read and review new and underrated stories and then post the reviews on our Instagram (@epi.foody.reviews). If you are interested in having your story reviewed, you must follow us on Instagram, read and follow the rules listed on our Insta, and fill out this form!


Da Pie - @ErinH
Bootiful Nutt - @NattyGomez
Ginger Cookie - @emmazapp

  1. Follow us on Instagram (@epi.foody.reviews)
  2. Must have under 3500 reads or be ranked less than 400 (in your category)
  3. Fill out our form!
  4. Must read 3 episodes of one of our stories (listed in the form you must fill out)
  5. Send us screenshots on Instagram as proof of reading our story
  6. Send us your story cover photo on Instagram

Thank you and good luck with your stories!

Venting for small authors

Moved to Share Feedback since this is specifically for reviews. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:


I recommend taking down the Instagram part…I can do this rest but I don’t have Instagram!


If you don’t have instagram we ask that you follow the author of the story you read on Episode and we will PM you your review here. Make sure you put your forum name in the additional comments section


I was going to use my story…


I’m sorry, what? I don’t understand.


I plan when my story is released to ask some people to review it. I cant follow myself.
Do you mean follow an author that I like fanmail them and then link my forum name?
because im confused


Yes that’s what I mean like if you read my story you would follow my profile on Episode


Ok I will try tonight.
What is the name?


Can you go fill out our form, the link at the top. My story is From Riches to Rags by ErinH


I will follow you later.
My story isn’t published