Epi_jesse Overlay request thread

I’m opening this small thread to accept overlay requests. This will most likely only be open for one day- I am on a break from episode but I am going to do this for fun and to get a little involved- and to help y’all out! I’ll let you know if I am accepting your request based on your reply below.


These are not all my examples, but these just show what I can do. I can also cut out things from episode backgrounds, but putting those here would be excessive lol

  • Ask respectfully- these are work and I would hope that everyone requesting would understand this
  • There is no specific way to ask, just lemme know what you want with the best explanation you can provide for me.
  • When you request an overlay, I will be providing it to you (if accepted) in this public thread - so these will be available to everyone to access. If it is super specific to your story, or spoils, I am open to giving it to you privately

My drive

This is my drive where all of my script template and public overlays are


for a better preview of my work, here is my insta! - @epi_jesse



Hi, you should ask this person to add your to thread to their list

It’s a list of open art shop, commissions and other things as well.

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Are you still accepting overlay requests?