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Your welcome :blush:

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accepted :smirk_cat:


Is it ok if I make a second request since I have a LL version of this story as well.




Could I have @mitchel.owo do the art scene please
Password: Tulip
Drawn or Edited: Drawn
Number of Characters: 2
Character Details + Outfits: (for every character on the cover)

Angel’s Character Details:

Body Color - Gold 01

Body Type - Female Athletic Body

Brow - Arched Thin

Brow Color - Black Dark

Hair Type - Long Straight Loose Solid

Hair Color - Platinum White

Eyes - Round Downturned Wide

Eye Color - Green Emerald

Face - Diamond

Nose - Round Button Upturned

Lips - Full Heart Pouty

Lip Color - Fair Neutral Matte

Luna’s Character Details:

Body Color - Gold 02

Body Type - Female Athletic Body

Brow - Arched Natural Scar

Brow Color - Black Dark

Hair Type - Long Straight Loose Solid

Hair Color - Cool Gray

Eyes - Deepset Upturned Wide

Eye Color - Gray Cool

Face - Square Defined

Nose - Defined Natural

Lips - Full Heart Pouty

Lip Color - Neutral Medium Nude Gloss

Angel’s Outfit Details:

  • Cross Necklace Metal Silver
  • Skull and Rose Tattoo
  • Diamond Cutout Strap Thin Cotton Black
  • Double Button Shorts Denim Yellow Goldenrod
  • Ankle Tied Strappy Heels Leather Black

Luna’s Outfit Details:

  • Tribal Sleeve Tattoo
  • Cross Necklace Metal Silver
  • Scar Eye Right (08-10)
  • Aiko Crop Top Cotton Blue Royale
  • Pleated Small Belted Waist High Skirt Cottongrey Black
  • Boot Stiletto Knee High Leather Black

Background: The City but sort of blurred out and sparkly
Poses/Description: Luna holds Angel and looks worried and Angel is scratched up and eyes closed with and has a face of agony and Luna is a little bit shorter than Angel


@mitchell.owo if possible :grin:


Sounds good :blush:


Thank you so much


Your welcome :kissing_heart:

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ooops​:sweat_smile: ok just change the PW. And i pick @Shuka :smile:

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Cool thanks! I’ll add you to the wait list. I’m pretty sure she’s available :blush:

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Hi I’m not sure if you guys are open for requesting so I’m just going to be the details down below :sweat_smile:


Password: Tulip

Drawn or Edited: Drawn
Title of the Story: The Highway

Name of Author: Reina.a
Character Details + Outfits:


for the girls dress could it be a dark sparkly red and the strap on her shoulder, the necklace and earrings silver. Her skin Copper 03


For the guy could it just be the black jacket and white shirt and for the bow tie could it be dark red like the girls dress

Description: Could it be like that so just the body and no face, just like the photo


Additional Info: * Could the girl have the snake tattoo? on her right arm if possible, if not it’s totally fine,


snake tattoo

And if the size of the reference body can be the same size of the cover?
I hope that makes sense. So there technically won’t be a background because the bodies take up most of the space.?


Hi! Thanks for requesting! :kissing_heart: @mitchell.owo will let you know if your request has been accepted :heart:




Since I don’t usually do drawn this might take a little longer than the requests I usually do, hope thats okay :heart:


ok no worries :smile:


**Drawn or Edited: Drawn please!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heartpulse:
**Title of the Story: “Anguished Heart.”
Name of Author: Loca.:white_heart:
Character Details + Outfits:
:blue_heart: Skin: Dark
:blue_heart:Face: Diamond
:blue_heart:Hair: Spiked up hair (black)
:blue_heart:Eyes: Deepest piercing (black)
:blue_heart:Brows: Medium sharp
:blue_heart:Nose: Button
:blue_heart:Mouth: Smirk (dark)

:black_heart:Can be any outfit, but in all black/dark theme please!:pleading_face::black_heart:

**Background: A graveyard.:broken_heart:
**Description: He is sitting on the ground, holding the grave thats in front of him, and crying his eyes out because he misses the person that has died.:pensive:

** Preferred artist: Epy.emmily please​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

**Additional Info: It’s raining, and tears are dripping down his face.:sob: And I don’t mind for the fonts etc!

THANK YOU GUYS, LITERALLY ADMIRE ALL OF YOUR TALENT!:butterfly::butterfly::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:


Forgot to add (sorry!:pleading_face:) That the password is “tulip” :hibiscus:


Thanks for requesting :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: so sorry for the late reply! Tag her in your request please. She’ll find it that way :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Can I get a large cover plz
Password: tulip
Artist: @Batman54
Drawn or Edited: Drawn plz
Title of the Story: Criminalized Love
Name of Author: (name to be displayed) Vector
Character Details + Outfits: (for every character on the cover)

Deets & Outfit

Can you change her hair to messy sock bun plz

Sports Bra Red Ruby
Nauticalshortsropebelt Grey Black
Chunky Sneakers Leather Black
Cross Necklace Metal Silver
Scar Eye Right (04-07)
Tribal Sleeve Tattoo
Sound Waves Tattoo
Snake And Rose Tattoo Ink Multicolor(leg)


Reference Pose:
Additional Info: (fonts, additional text, etc.)
Can the font be a cursive font and can you add athletic tape to her hands plz

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