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Just about finished, I just need to pose the characters which doesn’t take long :blush: I know she should be holding a knife, but what pose would you like overall?

hello! did my request get accepted?

Did you get to my piece yet

wanna see a picture of the pose ? or me saying it

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A picture would be great!

Hello! This is my first time doing this so please, let me know if I’m doing this correctly?
Password: Epi
Could @Batman54 possibly do the interior of a room for me?

The whole vibe I would like to go with is kind of a witchy theme. Very dark and unconventional with a hipster twist. If I could get this in both day and night that’d be awesome but if not, I totally understand!
2 if that’s okay?
I don’t mind if the room is drawn or edited, I want to give you as much room to work with as you need.
Thank you!! :blush:

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Large or small? Both please
Drawn or Edited: Edited
Title of the Story: Goodbye
Name of Author: Brooke Blevins
Character Details + Outfits: *(for every character on the cover)


Description: I would like them standing together and I would like the guy to be faded and sad (in story he dies) and I would like the girl to be sad clutching her fist to her chest with maybe a tear on her cheek. I’m really open to anything. Thank you in advance.

Password Epi :smirk:

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Request accepted! It will be a week at the most until it is done :blush:

Request accepted give it up to a week

@rachaelgrace here you go! I hope you like it :heart:

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@BeeBelvins here are your covers! Let me know if you would like any tweaks or changes!

Small Cover

Large Cover

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@vanillasugarcubes Here are your backgrounds! I also made some overlays of the furniture! If you use the overlays, they should automatically be spot directed due to how I sized them :blush: They might need some tweaking though :heart: Let me know if you would like any changes or tweaks.

Bedroom Day

Bedroom Night

Bedroom Night with Light On

Overlays of Chair and Bed (Day and Night)

Hello @Batman54 I want to request an art piece from you. But before I fill out the form, I just wanted to ask if you are able to draw a character as statue (like a stone sculpture or something like that). Let me know. :blush:

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Hi! I’m sure I can think of something! I love trying new art forms! What can I do for you?

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I have an art request for @Batman54


How many zones? Just 1? (I’m not sure what it means by zones, let me know)
Drawn or Edited: drawn
Number of Characters: 1
Character Details + Outfits: (for every character on the cover)
Body: Athletic
Skin: Rose 03
Eyebrows: Straight Medium (Deep Brown)
Hair: Medium Taper Wavy (Brown Black)
Eyes: Deepset Downturned Lidded (Brown Sand)
Face: Male Generic
Nose: Straight Flat
Lips: Medium Heart (Beige Rose)

Button Up Rolled Up Sleeves Vest Cotton Grey White
Tattered Asymetrical Draped Cape Cotton Purple Mulberry
Skinny Slacks Cotton Grey Black
Classic Pleather Oxfords Leather Off Black

Background: transparent background


Description:: As I mentioned before, I want the art to be as a stone statue/sculpture
Something like this (colour-wise):

Can the art be in this style?
The right one

Additional Info:
keyword: Miracle

Aside from this, I just want to let you know that I have requested a similar art piece from another artist but it is different since they are not able to draw a statue art, so I will be using that one as an intro/outro.

Please let me know what the estimated wait time will be :blush:

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Hi! I just got my wisdom teeth removed, and have lots of free time! That being said I’ve never drawn bronze before. So about a week!

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Sounds good to me. And please take care :blue_heart:

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Thank you!

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girl i’m sorry I just got on i’ve been working my job hardcore but I LOVE them thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much :smiley:

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Don’t worry about it! I’m glad you like them!