Epi.life applyings anyone wanna join? (it's for Art, Character edits...)



Hey guys.
We here at Epi.life are requesting if anyone wanna join our group

You can apply for


Character edits





  1. You NEED to fill out the form or else i am NOT gonna accept you

  2. NO DRAMA!!! if there is any drama i WILL kick you out

  3. I have the right to disclaimer your applycaition

Apply here


You will know if you have been acepted

Apply for a position on Epi.life
Edited Backgrounds Request
Miss Moonlight’s Graphics 🌙 // OPEN
I'm having trouble with choices

It will only let you upload one Exp?


What do you mean?


When I applied for it and the end I could only upload one photo?


You can pm me the rest i am just gonna fix it


Okay… LOL I didn’t know because I wanted to put a few different things I did. But I’ll message you know! :slight_smile:


Can I join?


You gotta fill in the form


I filled out the form. Can you let me know when you get it?




Im applying




I wanna join but it isn’t letting me fill out the form :woman_shrugging:


try now


The link still isn’t working :thinking:


yu could just pm me the questions


Yeah but try now


nope :triumph:




You can’t respond to Epi.life because you don’t have permission to share documents outside of your domain. Contact your domain administrator if you think this is a mistake.

Thats what its saying