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Sure thank you for accepting my request and understanding my problem. I will surely contact you once I login :blush:

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Not that I’m asking for a request, but most of the artists/members in this shop are still available, right?

I will check!

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Hey, I would like to request a drawn cover!

Preferred member: @honeylemontea
Reference pics:

Drawn or edited: Drawn
Character details:
Poses: looking down
Outfits: Police Outfit with any black heels
Any additional instructions/reference pictures: Please have a magnifying glass on her hands.

You can use this background :point_up_2: :grin:

(You don’t have to put words in the cover)

Password: Meraki

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Hope this message finds y’all in very good health.
I would like an art scene, and I will give credits.
Preferred Member: @honeylemontea
Theme: Romantic theme
Password : MERAKI
Character details:


Female generic body
Rose 03
Arched thin high
Black dark
Long Down Wavy Princess Braid
Round downturned wide
Brown black
Grecian soft
Full round pouty
Red garnet matte



Male Athletic Body
Neutral 3
Straight Medium Scar
Medium Side Curls
Black Dark
Deepset Downturned
Brown Black
Male Generic
Hooked Grecian
Medium Heart
Beige Gold Matte

Short description of the scene: So, the main female character was crying and the male character was trying to comsole and comfort her. And then suddenly they realised how close they are and so they are basically hugging each other and the female character is looking up to him.
Number of characters:2


Reference pics:

Position: I couldn’t give it exactly so, here’s what I got and I just hope what I’m trying to convey.

Any additional comments/reference pics: I just wanna say, I don’t wanna rush you in anyway, take your time.


I am not known for being brief when I have something that I need to say so this will probably be a long message but please read! I am not spending my time writing this for fun or just for it to be ignored, I m writing this to try help u and to give u adive! (:

Can u read these steps below carefully please! (:

1a) @Epyrose doesn’t have art scenes listed under her name so she doesn’t do them! The only people u can pick from for an art scene in this shop is either =
@KorlieaD, @honeylemontea or @Tm_episode

1b) U need to check where shops/help groups list what each member does in the future since otherwise not only do u confuse people, but it also gets really irritating for members who get randomly tagged to complete requests they can’t/don’t do (:

1c) No matter what shop/help group u are requesting from, unless it specifically says something like ‘your request will be taken by whoever’s free to do it’ or ‘we will choose who will complete your request for u’ then u mustn’t ‘pick randomly’! U must look at the rules for that shop/etc… and u must look at each person’s examples to find out what each person takes requests for. U must pick from anyone who actually does what u are looking for!

2a) To blur some text/a photo/etc…, u click on the little DIY bolt and click ‘Blur Spoiler’ after u highlight what text u want blurring (Or u can just click that ‘Blur Spoiler’ and they type in what u want blurred)

2b) If u need help at any point with things like this, reach out! Ask someone! We won’t bite (Unless we’re in a mood) either way, don’t stay silent! Talk to someone otherwise you’ll never learn how to do whatever u need to do

  1. You can get a more accurate pose reference by requesting one here = [OPEN] Reference Pose Shop! (The first of its kind!) :clapping: - Creator’s Corner / Art Resources - Episode Forums (episodeinteractive.com)! @v.h_episode makes some poses personally for people so they can refrain from trying to explain what they’re looking for to whoever they’re requesting from

  2. For character details, try requests character cards from someone since then u don’t need to write your characters details out so many times (that is wasting a lot of your time for no reason)

  3. A theme is what u want your request to be based off of (i.e = romance, horror, bright colours, dark colours, etc…)

  • I won’t apologise for the length of this message since it all needed to be said and I did say it may be long (:

  • If u’ve read to the end of this message like I hope u have, then thank u…I really appreciate it! (:

  • I hope this message helps u in some way, if u or anyone else needs help with anything at all…I’m here to help in the best way that I am able to! (:

Hope u take the steps above into consideration (:



I am so sorry, I did read the rules and just so you know I appreciate you telling me all this.
I am new and I just wanna learn.
And again I’m sorry… I was just so confused. You know when exposed to new things…
Well, thank you for telling me all of this


Preferred member: @M_H_C_Episode
Theme: girly
Gender: Female
Purpose: (optional)
Any additional info/reference pictures: nope
Password: Meraki

  • You’re welcome, I kind of apologise for the length of that message (:

  • I appreciate u reading the steps I spent my time typing (:

  • Feel free to reach out to someone when u need anything, we’re all happy to help when we can (:

  • Everyone here has been new at some point so we all know what it’s like so feel free to make new friends and ask for any help u need at any point (:


What is this a request for, please? (:


Thank u, I’ll get right to it (:

Just to check, how many outfits are needed (:

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3 and may it be typed out?

If u really want but that will take a while longer (:

My outfit maker is kind glitchy :pleading_face:

What do u mean by that? (:

Like it takes a while to load
It’s confusing to explain

That’s fine, if it helps…when someone sends u a complete request via screenshot similar to this =


For each item, just type one word or so in the filter search bar and scroll through the ones that come up. The more words that u type…the more accurate the search will be meaning it is more likely to give u what your looking for (:

The search bar is also glitchy

If this continues to happen, I’d recommend looking into why it’s like that (:

  • Is your WiFi slow? If it is that could be the reason
  • Is you’re portal working as it should? If not, then u need to submit a ticket or something to alert the episode team
  • Do u need to restart your device or change devices completely?
  • Anything else u can think of (:
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