πŸ‘‘ Epi Meraki's Shop! πŸ‘‘ [Closed]

Nah it’s totally alright :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi can u do story trailer


Preferred member: @lgepisodes
Theme: anime aesthetic
Reference pics:
Drawn or edited: Edited
Character details: None
Pose: none
Story Title: (optional) Runaways
Story Author: (optional) Gutz
Outfits: None
Any additional instructions/reference pictures: nope
Pw: Meraki

What is it you are requesting?

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Oops, an edited cover im sorryπŸ’™

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Can anyone here make me this background I don’t mined who dose it
Oh and the password Meraki

As far as I know, no one takes requests to make backgrounds in this group thread (:

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Okay I will try somewhere else then thanks.

Your welcome (:

Preferred member: @Rac5hel
Theme: Romance
Reference pics:

(just a man putting a necklace on a woman
Drawn or edited: it’s up to you
Character details:


Skintone: Rose05
Eyebrow: Arched Neutral scar (color black)
Hair: Long down wavy princess braid (color: Warm Pink)
Eyes: Female generic (color: Brown Black)
Face shape: Heart soft
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full heart pouty (color: Plum matte)


Skintone: Gold03
Brow: Arched medium (color: Blackjet)
Hair: Long Top Messy Curls (color: black dark)
Eyes: Deepset downturned (color: Blue deep)
Face shape: Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved
Nose: Male Generic
Lips: Full Heart Natural (color: Beige deep natural)



and the boy should just smile a put the necklace on her.

Story Title: (optional): Until we meet again
Story Author: (optional): Precious


Liam look

Any additional instructions/reference pictures: The boy should be a bit taller

The necklace he should put on her


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@anonym = Rachael’s requests are currently closed (:

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Oh, who is still availabil?

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U can check the top comment for availability

can i request epyrose

Art scene request for @miaa_episode


Srry it took so long :pleading_face:
Hope u like it :relaxed:

Bump! :wink: