Epi.Moonlight accepting more art makers!

Are you interested in joining an art group? Well now you can! This group will be drama free and well organised. The group will be called epi.moonlight and it will have about 4-8 members : a nice small group! Please have discord if wanting to be in this group! Please fill out the form if you want to join and I will pm you, if your accepted. Love Liv


Spots that are still available:

  • account manager
  • request/waiting list manager
    General artists

Good luck Liv!!! I’m sure you’ll do amazing!!!

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I filled the form.

@cakepie99999 I saw your work, and it’s amazing! Wondering if u weren’t in a group and wanted to join?

Oh! aha thank you so much but I am in a group :joy:. I’m very flattered though.

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