Epi-Outfits Academy!❤💜

Hi Everyone! I’m doing Epi-Outfits Academy On Google Classroom! There, I’ll be teaching you how to create characters, personalities and Outfits! Why don’t you join?

As I said before, this will be on Google Classroom every Saturday! If I have to cancel one I will tell you guys here! It is at no specific time! Also, I will have a LL and INK Class!

No Drama!
**Don’t get angry at the teacher! **

INK: lyl6xuh
LL: xprah3b

Tysm for reading this!
Classes Start Next Saturday!


You are so kind hearted :heart: :blush:

I’m going to join soon!

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Tysm! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ll definitely join! :blob_hearts:

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It looks very useful, I’m going to join :smile:

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Hi guys and gals, @Bonswayout, @Izzie_Silver, @Amphia, @Bonswayout @Airamsunflower. I have to cancel the class entirely because I’ve been super down lately and quarantine has gotten to me. I’m trying to take a little break from being on my phone 24/7. I am truly, really sorry! I hope you guys understand! Again, I’m really sorry! :heartpulse:


That’s alright! I hope you feel better. :blob_hearts:
I hope you do well for the rest of quarantine.

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Don’t be sorry! I hope you feel better soon, and don’t worry, self care is more important than episode by far.

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