Epi.Pearlastion OUTLINE CONTEST | |

HI! Its us Episode Pearls or Pearlastion and we are planning to open an OUTLINE CONTEST

The rules are simple

  • You must credit @Epi.Pearlastion on the forums and @Marig_episode on instagrsm for the outline!
  • You can change the look of the outline HOWEVER It must LOOK LIKE the outline for atleast a little bit
  • Be CREATIVE, Be your own self! You can have a REFERENCE PIC
  • Do not STEAL other peoples work!
  • Have fun and enjoy!

1st place prize:

  • An edit of your choice (Not drawn)
  • A drawn profile pic/cover or anything! (I usually dont draw requests)
  • The MC on @MariG story
  • A follow on instagram

2nd place prize:

  • A drawn cover/ profile pic anything! (I usually dont draw requests)
  • The bestfriend on @MariG story
  • A follow on instagram

3rd place prize:

  • An edit of your choice (Not drawn)
  • A follow on instagram


Be your own you and make sure you have fun!
Hosted by @MariG and @Flynnopily
Deadline: The end of July (May be extended)


I’ve never done an outline before- (Or done actually good digitalart…) BUT WHY NOT TRY NOW!? Cool, thanks for this!


yey knowing my art skills imma get 3rd place lol

I havent seen your art, but im sure itll be great!

What’s your Insta?

We dont have a group insta but we have individual instagram which are @Flynnxpily and @marig_episode

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Can I see your edit examples?

The drawn or both?

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Both, please.

I will pm @Flynnopily for her examples ill send mine in a minute

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Hehe thank you.

MariG art


Examples of Flynnopily's Art


Just did one really quick :v:
I’m obviously not that good at art lol


actually this is reaaaally good!
i’m really impressed by your art!

It has been accepted! it looks really great!

Do we just post it here or where do we post it??

You can post it here

Oh ok cool