Epi.Pearlastion OUTLINE CONTEST | |

Good luck everyone :heart:

Its actually pretty good! I like the shading but the eyes look a bit weird

For outline contests, are you allowed to add clothing and stuff? (I’ve never done one or heard much about them, I apologize if my question is a bother.)

Of course! The outline was created for you to show your creativity.

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I never made an art with an art with an outline before, but why not? It seems really fun to do. Where do I need to post it when I’m done?

Here on the thread or on pm! :smiley:

ok, thanks

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I tried my best (btw the eyes look werid and the nose just warning you!!)



Don’t feel bad about urself!

I don’t… well a bit lol I just didn’t really want to change the face of the outline but I ended up changing somewhat of the nose lol

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It looks really cute!

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When is the due date for these?

Couldn’t devirde lol


decide* But guess the second one looks better since I couldn’t crop properly lmao

The end of july :slight_smile:

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That look really cute!!

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thank uuu

We got 5 entries so far :wink:
Oh and for everyone wondering when the deadline is it is on the end of JULYYY

Can I join?