Epi.Pearlsation is here to help!/Edits, Covers, everything!


Thanks so much


np. Is there any artists specifically you wanted to do your cover??


Ummmmmm, maybe MariG art but honestly I don’t mind your all so good…





Wait do I need to message her?




Coming right up :blush:
Oh and I dont draw requests btw :wink:


Hi, I’m just wondering if you’ve started making my cover. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh sorry for the delay, people may know I dont get my phone till Monday :< but Ill start creating them!


Ok, thanks!


Just wondering how long it’s going to take.


Are you still doing my request?




Ok thanks.


I’m sorry to bother you again but it’s been 13 days since you started doing my cover and you still haven’t finished it, I’ve tried to be patient but could you please respond as I now really need this cover.
Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Who is doing it? I can try to make it, it will probably take about 2 days.


Wait, so you’re saying @MariG hasn’t started it yet?


I don’t know, but I can do it just in case.


No, it’s OK I’ll ask someone else


Hey you! I’m just wondering if you take any special art scenes requests at the moment. I’m in need of 3 special art scenes :smiley: I hope this isn’t to big of a request!