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Whos art are you interested in?


thank you! :heart:


I’m not sure… I’m after artscene that is between digital/ realistic art. I understand this is can be to much. Do you have more examples? I’m not sure from what I’ve seen. :smile:


I’m in the group. Here are somE of my art scenes



I have three styles.

This is style 1

This is style 2

This is style 3

(Btw any art style can be done with any episode character style.)


Okay guess I’m sending my style:


I really love all of your work :heart_eyes: But I’m leaning against @cakepie99999 style 1! You can do this in ink too? :smile: Do you want me to send you the details in private message or here?


Yes I can do that style in INK. Pm me :smile:.


Hi I don’t know how to do Any art and I really need An art Scene and cover For my season2 of my Story When two gangs Collide Do you making me those :slight_smile:


yeah i can do that for you! :heart: :smile:


Female :
-Auborn curly long hair
-head shape Soft heart
-lips thick
-eyes Silver
-eyes brow thick

Male :

-short black cropped hair
-eyes Closed

  • eye brow thick
    -head difine triangle

New born:
-eyes Closed

  • skin toffee
    -little bit of hair curly black

In scene: The Female is on the recovery bed after giving birth, The male is beside her he kissed her cheek and the are both looking at the new born baby

like this

Outfits : Female wear hospital gown
Male where jeans with some Green shirt with sneaker


Art scenes? I got a person for ya @Kale, @cakepie99999 or @HelpieMe (Tell me if you dont do art scenes) Can any of you possibly do this?


I can do it.




Sure you can do it :grin: