Epi pets please!

I genuienly think a new character should be made. Pets, like dogs, cats, birds, horses ect ect. There was a really good story on episode called “A vet’s heart” or something (they changed the name) and they found a way to put animals into the story, there’s also a story on episode called “Love on fire” and on a certain date you can ride horses. I tried to figure out how to code it in but I think only Episode and VIPs can do that. I think basic editable pets should be included into episode for non- VIPs lke if you pick a dog you can change the color, the ears, the eyes and pick a size. Same with cats but I’m pretty sure all cats are one size.

I just think it would be real neat to have pets put into episode for everyone to use :slight_smile:



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Dogs too xx

I highly support!!

You could add animals by uploading a png image to be used as an overlay like the one below, only Episode would need to approve it first. It would be awesome for Episode to include pets of their own though
Black Kitten

YES! I’ve never supported something so hard in my entire life :raised_hands::heart_eyes:

Yass! SUPPORT :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

bump and support!! Not only cats and dogs but also reptiles and amphibians plz!! I wanna put my turtle into my episode story lmaooo. And a parrot for my pirate story…

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I can make you animal overlays if you want lol
While we are waiting for it

Wrong thread, Repost this in the Feature (arts and animations) category, but Support


We really need this!!



I checked, it’s the right thread because I’m providing feedback to improve the site

You should put it in feature and art suggestions but otherwise support!


Support! :100:

Support! Btw you should put this in Feature + Art Suggestions and change the title in FEATURE: Pets to follow the guidelines.

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SUPPORT! :clap: