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request as freely as you’d like

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Group art examples




Are you a new art group?


kinda I started last month




i need a cover. Who can help? I need it in 2 days


I can helpp


thanks, I need a gang leader to be holding a girl who’s dressed in really revealoing clothes and split the screen into a diffrent scene and another guy to be holding her. Should I send you the details if that sounds good. Btw when will you finish it since I need it tommorow


can you fill out the form


also I should be able to finish by Monday afternoon

btw that means i’ll be up late


okay sorry I was asleep since it’s 7 am here. I’ll fill out the form and send it. thanks


I’ll send you the large cover, I need a small one from you. And I’ll tell hyou the poses myself since Idk how to take photos in my laptop


also to take a screenshot on your laptop
press alt and print screen


anyway. I want the girl in the center tobe holding a baby and aiming a gun with two guys holding her, idk it’s a love traingle spo you can impwrfise and see what pose would be nice for the love triangle


you have to put that in the form


so I have to fill out the form again?


ok i’ll delete you response and you can do it again okay




okay done




no problem so whe will it be done?