Epi. Skylight's Art Shop {OPEN!}

Hello from Epi. Skylight!

Welcome to our art shop. We are a group of artists who would love to offer our services in creating art for you.

We can do:

  • Cover art
  • Character edits
  • Art scenes
  • Splashes
  • Banners

1. Credit is imperative. Your artist will tell you how they want their work credited. Please make sure you abide to this!

2. Do not double request. Do not request an art piece on other art shops. We will find out, and we will not take further requests from you.

3. Use the art we make you. Please don’t waste our time and then not use the art we make you!

4. Be respectful and kind. We’re all just trying to have a fun time on the forums, let’s keep the peace!

5. Be Patient. Art takes time, so please be patient with us while we complete your requests.

6. Use the form to make a request. Please use the form to make a request, we will not accept your request otherwise.

7. In any case of cancelation: If you need/want to cancel a request please let us know in a promptly manner. We will not get upset if you need to cancel a request, we will however get upset if you don’t cancel it and we end up making you the art with no purpose.

8. Requesting an artist: You may request a specific artist if you’d like. Each artist has a limit of 3 requests each, please check the availability of the artist in the waiting list before you request from them. Tag the artist you want in your request form.

9. Use the password when requesting. We will not accept a request unless you send the password alongside the form. password: Nuggets from space

@Zepherine (unavailable)
@Sunset_Shimmer (on break)
@SASB (currently full)
@Neptune (unavailable until June)

Our Art Examples
Covers (drawn + edited)

@SASB 's covers:


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@Zepherine 's covers:

@neptune 's covers:




@Sunset_Shimmer 's covers:

@appleqrl’s covers:


@florpetal07 's splashes:


@SASB 's splashes:

@zepherine 's splashes:

@neptune 's splashes:


@appleqrl 's splashes:

@Sunset_Shimmer 's splashes:

Character edits / pfp's:

@neptune 's edits:


@SASB 's edits:



@florpetal07 's edits:





@zepherine 's edits:



@Sunset_Shimmer 's banners:


Waiting list

@Zepherine : Please allow over a month for requests to be completed due to high demand.

Request form:

  • What are you requesting (cover art, pfp, etc.):
  • 2. Any text (if applicable):
  • 3. Character details (details + pic of outfit):
  • 4. Pose:
  • 5. Any images (background, font, etc.):
  • 6. Extra notes:
  • 7. Chosen artist:

Hey guys do you accept members to join or no


Hey!! PM us your examples and we’ll get back to you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It’s okay.

Yesterday on a separate thread I messaged @SASB my forms does this still put me on the waiting list here? or would i have to re-apply ??

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I think you do that privately.

Password: nuggets from space
My Request Form

I need a cover art

For the Text can you add Inseparable on the bottom center in any color

CHARACTER DETAILS: Harper (main character)
Hair: Beach wave hair, Color of hair chestnut brown
Eye’s: Deepest down turned, Color of Eye’s violet
Skin: Neutral 01
Lips: Small Heart, Color of lips Red gloss
Eyebrow: Arched thin, Color of eyebrows deep brown
Nose: Grecian Soft
Face: Heart Soft

The Other Character: Mason
Hair: Slicked Back Solid, Color of hair Dark brown
Eye’s: Deepset downturned lidded, color of eyes Green Emerald
Skin: Copper 00
Lips: Full heart natural , Color fair gold matte
Eyebrows: Arched Medium, Color of eyebrow blackjet
Nose: hooked Grecian
Face: Square long jaw shaddow
For the Outfit for both of them you can add anything you want (that looks cute)
Pose: Both Characters that i just described above will be in this pose. Harper will be against Mason and put her hand on his chest and mason will be grabbing her close

Background: the background will be the woods

I would like to Request Neptune for my art

I wouldn’t mind if you put your name for credit like

Art done by BLANK or something like that

I am confused about the password part

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just put the password in your request. like in the very beginning.

Is it the same password or is it my password to my account

no, no! it’s the password listed in the post. It’s mandatory you use it or your request won’t be accepted.

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Also you can request any artist.

Oh okay Thank you!!!

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Hey! PM us your examples and we’ll get back to you! :slight_smile:

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you can PM us your examples and we’ll get back to you! :smile:

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Email @Florpetal07 personally

Like I said before @SofiaAndLauren Please don’t clog up our thread. I don’t want to sound mean. :blush:

It’s fine.

Hey, thank for requesting from Epi.Skylight!
I’m really busy with commissions at the moment, so I unfortunately won’t be able to complete your request. Luckily there are plenty of other amazing artists in our group that can help you out!
Take another look at our art examples and choose someone who you’d like to help you.
Thanks! :blush:


Oh Okay well thank you and I will do just that

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tysm for being so understanding abt it! im sure @Zepherine really appreciates it!

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