Epi.Starlets Art Shop (CLOSED)

Hi, welcome to epi.starlets art shop. Before we get started let’s go over some rules.

  1. NO DRAMAThere want to be any anyway lol :smile:
  2. Give credit All of the members take time out of there day to make things for you so give them credit for what they do.
  3. Don’t thread HOP Don’t request the same thing somewhere else its just a waste of time.
  4. Don’t rush us art takes time.
  5. Don’t steal any ones work.

Co-owner (s)
@maddy_roleplayz and @KookiesAndKreme

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They can deny your request if they can’t do it.
@Silver_Shadow Doesn’t do covers or art scenes.

@Cami_epy can do Drawn Art, Covers, Character sheets, Overlays, Shout outs, and Splashes
@EpisodeGamer1 can do Splashes, Character sheets, and Covers
@Silver_shadow can do Drawn art, Pfp, Limbs, Banners, Character sheets, and Splashes
@maddy_roleplayz can do Drawn Art, Story reviews, Covers, Character sheets, Banners, Pfp, and Splashes
@Amiraa can do Splashes, Character sheets, Drawn art
@Ghosty can do Banners, Art scenes, Covers, Drawn Art, Overlays, Pfp, and Splashes
@xxcookiexx can do Story reviews, Character sheets, Covers, and Splashes
@KookiesAndKreme can do templates
@LariYaa can Pfp, Splashes, Drawn art, Story reviews, Character sheets, and banners,
@Captian_vanilla can do Drawn Art, Covers Drawn and or edited, Art scenes, PFP, and splashes.
@Erika_R can only do INK, Story reviews, Character sheets, PFP, Splashes, and character edits

If you are on this list you request will get worked on sooner or later. If the artist you choose can’t do it they will tell you and if they need more details they will PM you. If you request from another thread the same thing tells me so I can take you off of the list. If you say that ANYONE can do it either I will choose someone or whoever says they can do will take it.



I would please like a DRAWN splash…one of those sound splashes… with the following Charcater(me) doing something along of representing sound…maybe pointing up or having headphones idk something

for the pose maybe something like



as for the background idk idc really just as long as youre able to read the text so maybe a solid color or a like rainbow idk maybe something like

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Who do you want it done by?

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Girly all of them are so good idc who does it…whoever can do it im good with…and im in no rush they can take the time they need…i understand good work takes time

@Silver_Shadow could probably do it.

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yeah im good with that…Thank you so much

No problem!

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You can add this to the examples



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@MystikLunaa I’ll do your requests. When do you need it by?

THANK YOU!!!…and take your time im in no rush…and if you have to do someone else because it’s quicker to do go right ahead girly


You can. But it also depends on what it is.

Can I request a digital profile pic? I asked some else but they were not able to do it

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@maddy_roleplayz probably will be able to do your pfp.

Sure when do you need it? :slightly_smiling_face:

I send the detail can you put me on the waiting list if there is one

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Will you be able to finish it by tomorrow?

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Yes :star_struck:


instead of this hairstyle can you give her a half up and half down.
Episode does not have that hairstyle but if you can’t do that just leave it as the way it is.

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