Epi.sunset πŸ˜† request here!


Hey guys! As you may know I have a group epi.sunset ! These days we were a bit off , but we really want to help you on any art request you have!

Please let us know what do you need in the comments :slight_smile:

Our members :


Will be happy to help you :slight_smile:

Thanks :joy:


Im on!


We are so happy you guys are members of our art group! A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERY SINGLE MEMBER :slight_smile:




Also we need to vote for too more co-organisers! Are you guys ready to vote? Should I make thread now or do you need more time? :blush:


I think it’s ok if you do it now❀️


Alright! EVERY EPI.SUNSET MEMBER GO TO VOTE :slight_smile:


Hi I would love like to join the group


Sure! We have a form! You should go fill it and wait till you get approved :slight_smile:


Here is the form


Should I go check the answers? Did you fill it :slight_smile:?


No I havent yet I am sorry


It’s totally fine! :slight_smile: when for you think you can do it? Please let me know when so I can check it out :slight_smile: