Epi.writer.girl's CHARACTER, OUTFIT, Scene & OVERLAY shop *Free * ALL Styles

Hey Guys! Welcome to my shop! I currently do not do art as I don’t have the time, but hopefully in the future i’ll be able to do story covers and pfp’s for you…

I am able to do:

  • characters
  • outfits
  • mood boards
  • Scenes

I’ll start adding examples as I do more requests.


Always be respectful of others
Please don’t be upset if i decide i am unable to complete your request
You are now able to request below but please fill out the forms below to make my life easier : D

  • the rest of the forms will be uploaded ASAP - until then please request below! : D

Thank you for using my shop! * EXAMPLES BELOW *


Hi guys, there has now been a new form added! Hope this is useful!!! :grin:


Hey @Luv_2_Write!!!

Heres your outfits!

Thanks for using my shop, don’t feel you have to use what i’ve made but if you do please credit me (insta & forums @Epi.writer.girl)!!!


Hey guys! Heres some more examples of my work! I’ve also started to do scenes and stuff for fun!


*[Character card with overlays]

*I believe I have figured out overlays ( I’ve not tested them in a script yet )

[Outfit card:]

 -    Epi.writer.girl
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The character card is awesome! Could I PM you another request? :smiley:

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Yes Of course! PM me the details and i’ll get started : D