Epimaniacs cover, edits, PFP, art scenes, reviews and much more (OPEN) FOLLOW INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT

Hey guys :heartpulse:
Are you looking for a review, a cover, a profile picture, an art scene, a shout out or, something else?

You should try out our page, @epimaniacs !
We offer a lot of services.
Besides our linktree requests, we are playing games, hosting contests + awards and much more.
One of our members, @Koolgal77 also uploaded her background and overlay drive there. You just have to give her credit if you want to use them. <33

Just check out our page or, submit a request through our link. But, please be advised that you have to follow us there; otherwise your requests are going to be deleted. :slight_smile:

To get an idea of what we are offering; check out the linktree below. <3

@epimaniacs | Linktree

Linktree. Make your Instagram Bio Link do more.

We are excited to meet you in Instagram <3

Stay tuned!


bump :slight_smile:
nearly all of our requests are still open <33

Heyy!! Could you make me a drawn edit! It’s kinda urgent​:heart::heart:

I am sorry hun, but all of the editors are already working on a few edits… :-/
So, you have to be patient if you want to get a cover done. But, you can of course submit a request though. <3

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hey i dont know if u have got my shout out request…Pls let me know whether u have got it r not!

I will take a look at it. But, please make sure to follow us at Instagram; otherwise the shout outs will be automatically deleted.

Sure. Ur insta pls?

It’s @epimaniacs
Please check out my post above :smiley:

you can only request if you have an insta, correct? :))

OK i am following u guys in insta

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Sadly yes :confused: that’s the only „price“ we want to get in change. Also; since a few of our members aren’t here, in the forum, it would be difficult to communicate :confused:


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Hello :smiley: Can I also request a cover with three characters? :relaxed:

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Hey dear, yes! I`ve changed the request form to ask for more than 2 characters.
Unfortunately, our edit requests are closed for now since our editors have to catch up with the current ones.
I will let you guys know as soon as we can open them again!
Much love, May :kiss:

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it’s fine love, just asking <3

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Ok thank you very much I’m looking forward to hear from you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Also, guys.

One of our members, @Koolgal77 uploaded her background and overlay drive in our linktree as well. Make just sure to give her credit when you use them. <33

Check them out in our linktree, they are truly amazing.

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Um… I feel stupid but I have no Idea how should I falow you.:slight_smile: Link is to your web so where I should fallow?:smiley: Do I need istagram or facebook for it ?

You have to go to Instagram and follow us there. :slight_smile:

Hey Guys :heart:
Everything is open again.
Drawing edit/Cover/PFP requests and also review/video edit requests and everything else, too :slight_smile:

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